It’s not just about the workshop

Workshop days.

Is it wrong to admit my week tends to have a dipole; the weekend and the workshop? Too late, said it now.

I used to rent a full day in the workshop and to be honest the price is not to bad in comparison to others’.  However, it is still money flowing in the wrong direction and I have found the half day allows a morning in preparation which would otherwise had been half spent in situ, so no loss there.

The heatwave marches on into another week, which is most welcome to me and so we hot dogs laboured with inky fingers and cut out shapes, sketchbook to hand, creating more to be put through the press.


The above plates have been cut and used for previous printmaking, but enjoying the muted colours of the ‘spent’ plates, I decided to ink up some more in a similar fashion.

The resulting print lets colours come through from each plate,  It is like building up a conversation, discovering personality (and is most enjoyable).



The Bath Academy


The ongoing heatwave has been fantastic but maybe not so good when setting up an exhibition in Bath.  There were a few fraught moments and the I managed to smash a friend’s glass-fronted picture which really set the tone poorly until evening.  (I needn’t had worried. Ian is a lovely man who had already heard about it all and gave me a hug).

So what’s all the fuss about?

I met the inspirational Tracey of The Bath Academy during out set-up on Friday the 29th June.  You know sometimes when you just know you’ve met someone special? It was one of those times.

Hayley, and The Creatives who make up our band of artisan printmakers, set up and a few took a late lunch nearby before the grand opening.

Here’s Caroline digging into an icecream after eating a mains.  Yes, I am telling tales out of school.




Caroline said her arms look like an Egon Schiele painting (which kind of gives away her art training background), but you know what?  We all haul ourselves over hot coals about how we look in photos.  Supermodels get paid a lot for a reason. Chill.  Love life. Enjoy what you have. I am just as bad. See that yellow dress in the pictures?  I hate it.  It is now consigned to the bin.


So the art show.  Well, it’s fab of course. We’ve already had a few sales and it’s on until the 6th July, so if you find yourself in Bath, England, please meander up to Queen’s Square (it’s beautiful) and head off into Chapel Row where you will find the Bath Academy and out little exhibition.

smaller poster

End of the session

If there’s time at the end of a print workshop session, it is good to go off plan and make something different with the left over inks. In the past this has been confined to using tissue paper. Mopping up what’s left in the mixing plate, leaving it to dry before putting it into (an increasingly large) Chine-collé portfolio.

However, this time I cut some basic shapes before the session with a mind to do something else.

I am quite enjoying the offset of bold colour against some of my more recent monochrome work.
The two seem to compliment each other rather well. Below is a monoprint using drypoint detail with carborundum. Titled ‘Hele Bay’ it is an abstract on the part of North Devon coast I am soon to live.

Hele Bay, Monoprint, Bella Bee, 42 X 34 cms


Narrative – Exercise 3.3 – Sequence

Echoes of thoughts had myself, this is a lovely post about a way of being.

Photo Sociology

A Hermits Journey

A Hermits Journey

I do not live alone, I live with myself. This is a position of strength, although it may appear to be an isolated existence.

A Hermits Journey

My mental health difficulties can lead to very morbid thoughts, but somehow I manage to walk that path in between life and death. I find there is as much joy to be found in darkness as there is in light. That’s not the way it used to be, so I think a positive attitude comes with experience and age.

A Hermits Journey

People are important to me. Through my studies I have developed an online community, and I have some very close and wonderful friends that I have known for years. However I chose not to meet with people very often, I prefer to have a physical distance, and enjoy the freedom of not having to be with people.

A Hermits Journey

If I spend too much time around…

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Painting with a purpose

It is taking longer than anticipated , but there is a move on the cards, hopefully sometime this year. Being powerless to speed things up, I have instead been doing the small amount I can, picking up a paintbrush to make art for the walls.


Home Straight, oil on paper, Bella BeeNorth Field, oil on paper, Bella BeeSea Pinks, painting, Bella Bee

Shade, oil on paper, Bella Bee

All works are oil on paper and on the larger, rather then small side. To see these and more, please visit my web site


Colour & form

There is no doubt, the coming of summer is playing a part in the colours here.  Probably my favourite time of year, when the day starts first light around 3:30 in the morning and windows are left wide.

Colour and form, monoprint, Bella Bee.JPG

This was just a play with monoprint for the last session before a break at the print workshop and would probably be better done in paint.

Oil-based relief inks on 250 gsm Fabriano.

West Penwith, Cornwall

Such wonderful images. Such a good read too.

EngLaId Visual Blog

Sitting for four days on a grassy wall at Carn Euny , overlooking the landscape of West Penwith, it was only on the last day ,

that I began , in small measures, to grasp this complex landscape.Image

in his book , the Writing of Art , Olivier Berggruen, likens Cy Twombly’s paintings and Leonardo da Vinci’s Deluge paintings,

describing how, at first they appear ‘chaotic’..with ‘traces of discontinuity, of losing control’, however after a while ‘these

paintings regain a voice that leaves an imprint, which is anything but disorderly’. Although this landscape could not be described as ‘disorderly ‘ or ‘chaotic’, it is complicated, is this the reason for its distinctive identity?, as Leonardo da Vinci wrote of his Deluge paintings : ‘there can be no voice, where there is no motion or percussion in the air’ (1)



A Deluge ,Leonardo da Vinci 1517-18

 Royal Collection.

The Carn…

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